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How modernizing originations can reshape the mortgage industry

– Dave Howard is ServiceLink’s Executive Vice President, Originations. In the below interview, he dis…


Ask Dave: Getting ahead with origination modernization

– Dave Steinmetz Division President of Origination Services ServiceLink


Applying fintech to housing finance strategy: a view from market and financial intelligence

– What are the typical time requirements of each process within the mortgage lifecycle? What are the…


The current state and future of homebuying and refinance in today’s market

– Jim Carney serves as ServiceLink’s vice president of market intelligence. In the below interview, h…

Four Benefits of The Right Deed-in-Lieu Services Partner

The four benefits of the right deed-in-lieu services partner

– As millions of borrowers continue to struggle, deed-in-lieu services offer a path forward.


Benefits of mobile notary/eSigning capabilities in the loan modification and pre-foreclosure space

– Speed and accuracy are essential in the loan modification space, as servicers strive to control cos…

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