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A single national partner to support your residential property portfolio investment, lending and financing needs

We connect real estate investors, servicers, private equity groups and owners with the mortgage settlement solutions they need to finance, buy, sell and evaluate single family rental (SFR) and fix and flip properties – wherever they’re located. Our centralized model means that we’re the single point of contact for all steps of your transaction, which streamlines communication and simplifies workflows critical to your residential property portfolio.

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Inspection and Property Preservation

With national scope and a robust, specialized team, we’re poised to help you mitigate risk while you keep up with the growth of the residential real estate industry with fix and flip, build-to-rent, and single-family rentals.

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Easily find a property, make an offer and close with ServiceLink Auction. Expand your residential property portfolio efficiently by bidding remotely via mobile app or online – with no financial commitment unless you’re the successful high bidder. This national platform is a central location to source and purchase various asset types – including foreclosure asset, REOs, short sales and rental assets.

Investment Valuations

Backed by over three decades of industry knowledge, ServiceLink Valuations residential property investment valuation solutions dramatically reduce cycle times while ensuring the highest quality and regulatory compliance available. Our experienced, dedicated SFR team understands the urgency of each transaction, ensuring proactive communication and timely delivery of completed order results.

Desktop Valuations - AKA Hybrid Appraisals

ServiceLink offers a suite of proprietary appraisal products that includes both interior and exterior hybrid appraisal products, desktop appraisals, and desk review products. ServiceLink has been providing its proprietary appraisal products to lenders, servicers and investors, for over 15 years. ServiceLink’s proprietary appraisal products are completed by a team of licensed and certified staff appraisers with more than 10 years of residential appraisal experience, strategically located in major metropolitan areas nationwide.

Automated Valuations

ServiceLink offers a wide range of automated valuation products. Our suite of AVMs are specifically selected so that various models are available in each geographic market – ensuring access to a wide range of the best possible models for a given market. Our AVM products combine accuracy, quality, property record detail, speed, hit rate and cost-efficiency.

Broker Price Opinion (BPOs)

Our interior and exterior BPOs are completed by experienced real estate professionals with local market knowledge. They combine strong national coverage and turn times, flexibility and a personalized customer experience. Our efficient bulk order system and tech-enabled workflows – ensure we can streamline your investment transactions.

Traditional appraisals

ServiceLink offers lenders a nationwide suite of home valuation solutions with the industry’s largest and most knowledgeable appraiser network. The ServiceLink appraiser network includes dedicated panels for fix and flip and SFR transactions.

Centralized Title and Closing Services

Supported by our parent, Fidelity National Financial, we have the financial backing to stand behind our work and reduce the risk of your residential property portfolio. Our national centralized title team means your transactions will never be down-lined and handed off to another title office. We have in-house access to underwriters for accelerated decision – giving us the ability to make business-based title underwriting decisions. Our bulk policy and closings offer significant savings and policy reissue rates can save up to 50%.

Our national title platform includes

  • Nationwide title searches
  • Title curative
  • Grading
  • Owner’s and lender’s policies
  • Collateral document preparation
  • Closing

Inspection and Property Preservation Products

Our multitude of inspection and property preservation products – offered by our experienced Field Services team – help you confidently manage and maintain your investment portfolio. Keep apprised of occupancy status and property condition.

Inspection Types

Inspection types include contact inspections, vacant interior/exterior inspections, occupied exterior inspections, disaster inspections and work in process inspections.

Preservation Services

Alleviate the day-to-day stress of maintaining and securing your properties. Our services include lock work, yard maintenance, winterization, snow removal, eviction services, debris removal and repair bids.

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