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RON Changes the Game: How Lenders can transition more easily

– Operationalizing remote online notarization has been on lenders’ to-do lists for several years now.…


How You Can Turn a Property Inspection Waiver (PIW) Into Accelerated Origination

– Beyond rates, speed, agility and a positive customer experience are the overriding decision-making …

holistic fha solutions provider

Advantages of a Holistic FHA Solutions Provider

– Since 1934, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has insured more than 40 million mortgages for…

Mortgage Industry Questions

Quick Q&A with Phil Petrie

– A: ServiceLink is a part of the FNF family of companies and is the nation’s premier provider of tec…

Exercising Humanity in the Single Family Renter and Investor Space

Exercising Humanity in the Single Family Rental and Investor Space

– The single family rental (SFR) market is having a moment… that doesn’t appear to be going away anyt…

Scalability is a Crucial Consideration in a Single Family Rental Partner

Scalability Is a Crucial Consideration in a Single Family Rental Partner

– When inventories bounce back, investors will have the opportunity to scale their SFR portfolios con…

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