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ServiceLink's Executive Assistant, Bethany Demi

The Growing Influence of Single Women on the Mortgage Market

– The industry talks a lot about the growing importance of millennials and members of Generation Z to…


Insulating Against Volatility with Tech-Focused Partnerships

– The industry is bracing for the market volatility predicted to come our way in 2020. Interest rates…

Evaluating Property Preservation Vendors

3 Questions to Help You Evaluate Your Property Preservation Providers

– You put a lot of responsibility into their hands: Are they holding up their end of the partnership?


Increased Purchase Volume Predicted: Is Your Technology 2020-Ready?

– The right platform can help you gain market share by engaging consumers like never before.

Shifting demographics in the appraisal industry

Shifting Demographics in the Appraisal Industry

– In the business world, when one worker quits, gets fired or retires, a new one takes their place. T…

Woman using the EXOS Inspect virtual appraiser feature on her smartphone

Appraisal Modernization: Creating New Opportunities

– Throughout their professional careers, appraisers have always had to navigate changes related to ma…

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