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Trust ServiceLink Auction's 50+ years of experience for your end-to-end short sale, bankruptcy, foreclosure, newly foreclosed and bank-owned auction services

ServiceLink Auction’s nationwide services and technology offer a superior disposition process. Powered by industry expertise and unparalleled technology, ServiceLink Auction provides fast and efficient benefits for foreclosed, bank-owned, short sale and newly foreclosed properties. ServiceLink Auction’s transparent processes maximize efficiency while reducing cost. Partnership with a network of more than 300 attorney firms and brokers guarantees a streamlined closing process.

A Knowledgeable Partner for Decreased Holding Times and Maximized Returns

ServiceLink Auction’s foreclosure experience is a crucial asset in optimizing return on auction properties. Quick and efficient closing times ensure the timely initiation and resolution of all ServiceLink Auction services. ServiceLink’s comprehensive strategy aligns key parties in the auction lifecycle, streamlining the process, and making ServiceLink Auction the right partner for all foreclosure and short sale services.

With the backing of Fidelity National Financial, ranked 288 in the Fortune 500, ServiceLink Auction’s scalable solutions, seamless integrations and technological innovation encompasses:


CWCOT 2nd Chance

CWCOT 2nd Chance



Short Sale

Short Sale


With over 30 years of experience of foreclosure sales experience, ServiceLink Auction’s marketing coverage spans nationwide and covers live auctions in 25 states, including Puerto Rico.

CWCOT 2nd Chance

With transparency throughout the process, there are no technology fees, and closings can happen quickly. ServiceLink Auction adds eligible assets to the system, and our integration with our Default Title team allows for the ordering of title products.


ServiceLink partners with your agent community to ensure maximum market exposure. Our comprehensive dual path REO disposition model increases insight throughout the auction lifecycle and aligns all parties towards the same goal.

Short Sale

Access to the most competitive online marketplace allows for highest overall offers in the shortest timeframes. Our online platform allows for easy bidding, from anywhere, connecting your properties with qualified buyers nationwide.

ServiceLink Auction helps you reach your goals and objectives with:

  • An established partner, backed by Fidelity National Financial
  • Scalable solutions and processes to cater to any size client
  • Accelerated sale and closing turn times
  • Performance and execution
  • Technology and innovation
  • Seamless integrations
  • Advanced data and analytics
  • Customer-centric asset marketing
  • Expanded buyer pool with ServiceLink Auction’s eBid feature

Transparency and Portfolio Management Powered by EXOS One Marketplace®

Nationwide auction and asset marketing services leverage insights from the EXOS One Marketplace ecosystem for the maximization of sales performance and returns.

EXOS One Marketplace tracking allows for timely initiation and resolution, while also providing best in class portfolio analytics. Advanced data and metrics with real-time results allows ServiceLink Auction to provide strategic predictive modeling and transparency throughout the auction lifecycle. This advanced technology creates opportunity for customer-centered marketing with ad placements, promotional campaigns, and targeted social channels for quick disposition.

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Leveraging Machine Learning for Better Default Decisions, Originally Published in DS News

“Several of the models are designed to predict how a specific property will fare at third-party auction sale. One model gives a ‘yes or no’ answer as to whether the property will sell at an online auction. Another looks at property and neighborhood characteristics and forecasts the timeline to sell, at a given price, in the CWCOT Second Chance program.”

Investors achieve accelerated disposition goals with ServiceLink Auction

Whether your strategy is fix and flip for the single family rental market or you have a portfolio of non-performing loans, support your acquisition and disposition strategies with our full-service auction platform. Effortlessly buy assets to enhance your portfolio or decision offers as you liquidate assets using ServiceLink Auction, available via iOS, Android, or web browser.

Streamline asset management and REO disposition

ServiceLink Auction’s platform offers a truly integrated REO asset management solution. Through our comprehensive broker network, partnerships with agents, buyers and investors, more buyers are directed and exposed to each property. This approach results in a competitive offer situation and maximizes exposure to all buyer types: local, national and regional.

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