Default Loan Review

ServiceLink’s Default Loan Review

In today’s tough regulatory environment, it is more critical than ever for investors and servicers to closely monitor the performance of their portfolio, and immediately address any concerns before they become a bigger problem. ServiceLink’s Servicing Solutions division works consultatively with investors and servicers to evaluate defaulted loans, identify issues, determine root cause and make recommendations or implement cures to achieve better portfolio performance in the future.

ServiceLink performs a root cause analysis to determine why a portfolio is not performing as expected. We have the skill and resources to review the loan process – starting at the foreclosure referral – to evaluate what happened, as well as recommend how to achieve better performance in the future.



ServiceLink’s Evaluation of Foreclosure Loans Includes:

  • Conducting a timeline review
  • Evaluating breach letters for accuracy and confirming that statutory letters were sent within appropriate timeframes relative to default status and foreclosure referral
  • Conducting Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) checks and confirming state letter expiration and face-to-face requirements were accurately completed prior to foreclosure referral
  • Checking for automatic extensions from loss mitigation, bankruptcy or moratoriums
  • Evaluating Single Family Default Monitoring System (SFDMS) reporting to confirm codes were reported accurately and timely
  • Confirming Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) assignment of mortgage (AOM) for accuracy, recordation and deactivation


Services for the Evaluation of Bankruptcy Loans Include:

  • New case file setup
  • Proof of claim filing
  • Payment posting
  • Escrow processing
  • Foreclosure holds
  • Payment change notices
  • Motion for relief referral
  • Timeline management