EXOS One Marketplace, a Full Suite of Default Services for Loan Servicers & Investors

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EXOS One MarketplacePremier Mortgage Default Services Backed by 50+ Years Of Industry Experience

Maximize your decision-making power and minimize losses with ServiceLink’s EXOS One Marketplace®

Leveraging the power of ServiceLink’s EXOS technology platform, EXOS One Marketplace® delivers unprecedented visibility of assets throughout the entire lifecycle. With a proprietary blend of artificial intelligence, machine learning, personalized performance dashboards and workflow management, EXOS One Marketplace delivers ease, efficiency and increased servicer & investor default servicing performance.

  • Asset Management: Monitor and track assets throughout the entire default lifecycle, including loss modeling, property preservation, default valuations, foreclosure title, auction, CWCOT & post sale title
  • Disposition Strategy: Compare and simulate projected losses and adjust disposition strategies as data becomes available using predictive modeling
  • Loss Modeling: Customize and configure modeling to meet operational needs
  • Risk Management: Identify opportunities to reduce timelines and investor curtailments
  • Decisioning: Mitigate risk and maximize returns through informed decisioning

EXOS One Marketplace in DSNews

"What if machine learning and AI could provide faster, better answers?” Miriam Moore, ServiceLink Default Services Division President discusses the success of leveraging proprietary data and data modeling to determine optimal disposition paths.

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Enabling transparency across the entire default process, EXOS One Marketplace provides unmatched insight on disposition strategy throughout every stage of an asset

Loss Modeling

Maximize returns with statistical outcome projections and stay on top of deadlines using our robust using user-customized dashboards

Property Preservation

Holistic property management through seamless tech integration capabilities and high exposure event modeling

Default Valuations

Order services, review history and analyze valuations data

Asset Management

Monitor and track assets throughout the entire default lifecycle, including loss modeling, property preservation, valuations, end-to-end default title and close, REO asset management, and auction services


Consolidated view of auction performance, modeled contribution guidance and property details


Title curative information available to track, monitor and project potential losses based on disposition strategy

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