Purchase Title and
Loan Closing Services

ServiceLink’s Loan Origination Purchase
Title and Local Closing Process

ServiceLink offers the industry’s only 50-state loan origination purchase title and local closing solution. Our nationwide title fulfillment and local closing expertise streamlines and simplifies all aspects of the purchase process; from contract review, managing escrow funds, preparation of closing documents, and managing the signing of closing documents, through the disbursement of funds to all parties at the closing.




ServiceLink’s Purchase Closing Services Include:

  • National purchase expertise with an understanding of lender processes and requirements through existing relationships
  • Competitive national pricing structure
  • Network of more than 1,000 local branch offices, enabling a professionally managed, local closing experience
  • Dedicated team of service professionals with single point of contact for each loan
  • Extensive national network of closing professionals with support of lender-specific closing agent requirements, such as attire and location
  • Expert title clearance associates, expediting title curative process
  • Secure environment for funds, data and loan documents through advanced technology