ServiceLink’s EXOS® Closing Disclosure: clearing the way to faster closings

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Our closing disclosure solution delivers

EXOS CD delivers you and your borrowers faster, smoother closings. And, it helps us deliver the flexibility, accuracy and service you expect from ServiceLink. With EXOS CD, we use innovative technology to deliver effective customer service.

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What does EXOS Closing Disclosure do?

EXOS CD facilitates no-touch closing disclosure generation and fee collaboration for faster origination. It delivers closing disclosures instantly: reducing the time and effort required for manual data preparation and ultimately, reducing cycle times and improving quality. It digitizes and automates every step of the closing disclosure process – including revisions – for faster origination.

How does it work?

EXOS CD is just one feature of EXOS® Title – the industry’s longest-standing and most-trusted digital title product. To develop this feature, our experienced industry experts, security specialists and compliance leaders joined forces with top data scientists, inventors, engineers and innovators to link leading-edge technology with our time-tested instant title offering. After EXOS Title instantly delivers a decision and commitment and before the file is cleared to close, the title order seamlessly enters the EXOS CD process via an API integration. EXOS CD replaces stare and compare and manual processes historically inherent in the closing disclosure process with:

  • Instant data ingestion and extraction via RESTful API integrations – including payoff data
  • Digital document comparison
  • Automated title fees update
  • Virtual and instant revision processing

Then, the closing package is automatically packaged and flows into ServiceLink’s EXOS® Close for instant, digital closing scheduling as soon as you and your client are ready. Ultimately, EXOS CD delivers a closing-ready closing disclosure faster.

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EXOS Title and EXOS Close Process

What EXOS Closing Disclosure means for lenders

For lenders, EXOS CD is just one more way the EXOS Title and Close process is clearing the way to a faster closing.

Reduce manual processes

The seamless no-touch data exchange facilitated by API integration streamlines interaction with ServiceLink. Lenders can send CDs manually if preferred. Machine learning-driven analysis and comparison replace “stare and compare” reconciliation to reduce the risk of human error.

Save time

Automated process reduces CD prep time by ~90%, so you’ll receive the CD in minutes.

Increase flexibility

Send documents at any time and make revisions virtually instantly based on your borrowers’ needs.

Benefit from our experience

ServiceLink has implemented EXOS CD for top lenders.

Closing disclosure information for borrowers

What is the closing disclosure? The closing disclosure is among the final documents you’ll see before your closing. It provides the final details about your loan – including closing costs, your projected mortgage payments, interest rates, and more. Your lender will provide your closing disclosure at least 3 days before the closing, and you should review it carefully to ensure everything is accurate. We recommend looking at this sample closing disclosure form for more information.

How does EXOS CD impact the closing disclosure process? By combining automation and expertise, EXOS CD reduces the likelihood of errors that could delay your closing timeline – ultimately, getting you to the closing table faster. It increases certainty around the closing process, so you can proceed through the mortgage process with confidence.

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Learn more about EXOS Closing Disclosure

According to Dave Steinmetz, president of origination services at ServiceLink, “Our partners leveraging EXOS Closing Disclosure have reported improved accuracy, reduced cycle times and have enjoyed the ability to schedule their closings immediately after receiving clear-to-close commitments. We’re proud to bring these efficiencies to our partners, particularly during this high-volume period.”

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