EXOS Title: The Industry’s Proven Instant Title Offering

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EXOS Title

EXOS Title is the industry’s proven instant title offering

More than 10 years ago, we built the industry's first instant title offering on a foundation of more than 50 years of title experience and a commitment to innovation. Since then, we’ve used EXOS Title to process millions and millions of transactions for the nation’s top real estate lenders, all backed by Fortune-500 company Fidelity National Financial. Top lenders rely on EXOS Title for:

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Instant clear-to-close commitments

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Instant digital closing scheduling

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Real title data searches, performed in seconds via proprietary automation technology

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Centralized, national mortgage title services, customizable to their unique workflows and needs

Borrower-Centric Innovations Based on Experience

Our experienced industry experts, security specialists and compliance leaders joined forces with top data scientists, inventors, engineers and innovators to link leading-edge technology with our time-tested instant title offering.

Title speed and technology is a critical part of your borrower’s experience. Just 43% of consumers say they’d use their current lender to refinance. How can you maintain existing customers and attract new ones? By using EXOS Title to infuse speed and technology throughout our origination process.

Translating Instant Title into Borrower Loyalty

  • 50% of consumers said speed was an important factor in their refinance process. By delivering instant clear-to-close commitments, EXOS Title helps you get your borrowers to the closing table faster.
  • 83% of consumers would be at least somewhat likely to self-schedule their closing appointment if the option was available to them. Instant digital closing scheduling via EXOS Close increases transparency and speed of the closing experience.

Data from the 2021 ServiceLink State of Homebuying Report. Download the report here

Offering Security, Stability and Scalability

Our instant title process was developed in conjunction with the Fidelity National Title Group family of companies, the nation’s largest underwriter network. We use real title searches to deliver instant clear-to-close commitments - without sacrificing proven search and examination methods. Localized machine learning rules and logic, natural language processing and OCR technology facilitate an instant title search and policy production, while incorporating Fidelity National Financial data, title plant data, public records data and credit repository data. That means you can rest assured that our processes are accepted in all 50 states and protect you and your clients from unnecessary risk. We use cloud-based title automation engines with access to millions of previously examined parcels of land –allowing you to bypass rework and post-closing claims processing.

And, you can be confident that we’ll be here to partner with you in the future. EXOS Title has seen our clients through changing markets, evolving regulations and more – and remains secure, compliant and rock-solid in this ever-changing industry. That’s because we:

  • Monitor volumes, market nuances and industry trends
  • Continually staff to meet market trends, inclusive of our industry-leading signing panels
  • Make ongoing investments in leading-edge technology to enhance the borrower experience and increase efficiencies

Automating Closing Disclosure

EXOS Closing Disclosure accelerates EXOS Title. EXOS CD delivers closing disclosures instantly: reducing the time and effort required for manual data preparation and ultimately, reducing cycle times and improving quality. It uses instant data ingestion and extraction via RESTful API integrations and digitizes and automates every step of the closing disclosure process - including revisions - for faster origination.

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Combining Instant Title with Digital Closing Scheduling

Lenders can now combine our proven instant title solution with the industry's only real-time, digital closing scheduling solution, EXOS Close. EXOS Title delivers clear-to-close title in seconds, then immediately allows lenders and borrowers to digitally schedule their closing appointment, clearing the way to the closing table. EXOS Close uses real-time availability of local signing agents, so you and your borrower know exactly when they’ll close on their loan. And, by eliminating the back and forth associated with scheduling, it cuts days from closing timelines.

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