Agency Sales and
Posting Services

Innovative Publication, Posting and Auctioneering Services From Coast to Coast

With a detailed understanding of statutory requirements by city, county or other jurisdiction and an in-depth knowledge about newspaper publishing specifications to ensure timely, well-documented publication of legal notices, ServiceLink Agency Sales and Posting (ASAP) can help by successfully managing the details of publication, posting and auctioneer services for foreclosure sales nationwide – enabling us to help grow the lender’s business and expand their service area.

ASAP enables you to erase your geographic limitations and effortlessly grow beyond your current service areas without the expense of expanding your infrastructure. Our national network of real estate professionals provides a full range of posting, publishing, auctioneering, advertising and marketing services for higher sale-day turnouts and higher bids.



Reduce Risk, Reduce Processing Time and Lower Costs

ASAP’s large publication volume and established relationships with newspapers across the nation help clients achieve considerable savings and timeline efficiencies. An interactive website and inbound call center for interested bidders help clients save on infrastructure and customer service costs. Also, ASAP’s comprehensive website for foreclosure sales increases efficiency and allows clients to immediately access services and information they need 24/7.