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Hurricanes Are Hitting the U.S. Hard in 2020: Are Your Properties Safe?

– On track to being the most active on record, this year’s hurricane season demands even greater dili…

How the right settlement service provider can help you innovate

How to Effectively Disrupt Your Business Model with the Right Settlement Service Provider

– We are in a time when consumer preferences, value drivers and demands are radically shifting. Digit…

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Weathering the Challenges of Flood Preparedness

– The onset of hurricane and monsoon season in the United States reminds property owners in certain a…

ServiceLink envisions how technology can improve the speed and level of service for both the lender and borrower

Balancing Home Equity and Refinance Volumes: How Technology and Strong Partnerships Can Help

– Today’s borrowers are facing unprecedented economic uncertainty, and many are turning to the equity…


How Technology Will Attract the Next Generation of Credit Union Members

– My colleagues Marc Bator, Phil King and I recently hosted a webinar with the National Association o…


The Shifting Lending Landscape: Disruptors in the Mortgage Industry

– With mortgage applications up and mortgage rates down, more Americans are realizing the dream of ho…

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