Risk Mitigation
Valuation Services

ServiceLink’s Risk Mitigation PRO Solution

ServiceLink’s risk mitigation PRO solution is used to expose collateral risks that could negatively impact the accuracy of lenders’ home valuations. PRO helps ensure the reliability of valuations via a proprietary USPAP-compliant analysis of an existing appraisal, by a licensed or certified ServiceLink staff appraiser, combined with a review of ServiceLink’s proprietary data and/or MLS data (when available).



Appraisers Carefully Assess the Following Risk Factors:

  • Unique property attributes
  • Undesirable location or zoning
  • Atypical property size or unusual design
  • Below-average condition or quality of subject property
  • Negative external factors such as busy street or proximity of commercial buildings
  • Comparable located outside subject neighborhood
  • Significantly different from subject property
  • Excessive individual or net/gross adjustments

The benefit of pointing out these riskier valuations up-front is that it gives lenders the ability to focus additional quality control efforts on those high-risk areas, while saving costs in other necessary areas.