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Flood Portfolio Management

Servicers face many challenges while managing their portfolios and today’s extraordinarily active marketplace is putting them to the test in myriad ways. While risk mitigation, loss prevention, cost reduction, streamlining operations and elevating the borrower experience are all top-of-mind for servicers, the flood portfolio, typically, is not. Historically, only around 2% of the total revised determinations are affected by an insurance change. However, on occasion, flood map revisions can affect a larger percentage of a servicer’s portfolio. That is why ongoing, effective flood tracking is key. Luckily, tools and technology exist today to make flood portfolio management more efficient. To learn more on how to navigate the waters of the flood tracking process, watch the webinar replay below, featuring insights from ServiceLink National Flood experts Mike Hanson, senior vice president; Natascha DeVries, vice president, account management; and Ericka Rutherford, servicing and portfolio manager.

Watch the webinar replay here

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Flood Portfolio Management
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Flood Portfolio Management
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