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A transparent approach to auctions could be a great benefit to investors looking to increase and diversify their portfolios and bring in passive income in the coming months. With property mortgage rates averaging 0.50%. 0.75% higher than primary mortgage rates, now is the time to prepare and find a services partner for when inventory returns.

It's not only traditional institutional investors who are awaiting an opportunity to bid on properties when inventory and prices decline. According to the ServiceLink 2023 State of Homebuying Report, auction is becoming more mainstream with 40% of the respondents saying they would consider buying a home at auction (up from 33% of the 2022 respondents). Of those respondents’ reasons given for considering auction, their main drivers are cost savings and a faster homebuying process. The Gen X, Gen Z and millennial populations are the most willing to buy at auction – and some of their primary reasons for buying at auction include fixing and flipping and leveraging it for rental income. Gen Z and millennials are most likely to buy at auction to use it for rental income.

For both the traditional and emerging segments of investors focused on auction sales, having a full-service, integrated and connected auction partner with an array of different solutions is critical to keep the experience as fast and effortless as possible.

A centralized model for the single-family rental (SFR) investor means having a single point of contact for all steps in the transaction, which results in streamlined communication and simplified workflows. Best-in-class technologies and comprehensive SFR services built on a foundation of service excellence with a dedicated, experienced SFR team stands ready to help you navigate a changing industry.

“It goes beyond just the auction for us,” says Eva Tapia, senior vice president, ServiceLink Auction. “We’re focused on comprehensive solutions with an end goal of effectively and efficiently mitigating issues. Whether it’s leveraging our services for expedited closings, rehab services or a plan for potential eviction, we have the team and a network to provide a tailored experience.”

“Title issues are very unique on auction properties,” says Amy Daniel, senior vice president, title & close, ServiceLink. “Our process ties title and close into our auction team daily. We know what to look for and how to clear title and give SFR investors a top-notch experience. The fact that we have repeat business from buyers is the ultimate compliment. We provide a white glove service that we’re very proud of.”

A one-stop shop with all of the solutions investors need saves them from having to manage multiple vendors.

Utilizing the full suite of ServiceLink’s comprehensive SFR services, properties can be purchased at auction, closed, and maintained, all powered by ServiceLink’s best-in-class technology to bring time and cost savings to investors. “We have all these different pieces under one leadership team, under one umbrella here at ServiceLink,” says Daniel.

“Our end-to-end solutions are truly our success in this space,” adds Tapia. “The complete integration between auction and title/close allows for tighter communication which translates to quicker turn times for closing.”

Providing technology-driven solutions that bring comprehensive and holistic service paired with expertise in SFR transactions and requirements positions ServiceLink as a viable and prepared partner in leading the industry during this unfamiliar time. While interest rates may not come down any time soon, investors may anticipate a stabilization in the market when home prices decrease. A full-service auction partner with both experience and offerings for every facet of the SFR process is essential, and ServiceLink is poised to handle the needs of those looking to purchase properties at auction.

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