Servicing Solutions

Servicing Built to Overcome Challenges

ServiceLink’s Servicing Solutions division provides solutions dedicated to helping resolve operational challenges for originators, servicers and investors that may not have the internal resources, expertise or time to successfully handle on their own. Our experienced, knowledgeable management team proactively addresses clients’ unique business needs, providing the focus, expertise and leadership needed to exceed clients’ performance goals and objectives.

Servicing Solutions offers a wide range of support from Claims Processing, to program support of Single Family Loan Sale (SFLS) and Claims Without the Conveyance of Title (CWCOT), to support for Short Sale and Deed-in-Lieu, MERS reconciliation, Consulting and Foreclosure and Bankruptcy component servicing. The Servicing Solutions team of multidisciplinary subject matter experts brings an unrivaled level of industry experience and innovative thinking to help you identify, tackle and resolve your most difficult operational challenges.

Taking a Consultative Approach

In keeping with our “Serve First” philosophy, Servicing Solutions spends an extensive amount of time meeting with clients to determine their pain points and identify custom solutions that best address their particular business needs. These solutions can be all-inclusive or process-centric, helping originators, servicers and investors optimize their operation to minimize risk, maximize returns and increase cash flow, while addressing compliance matters with proven, best-in-class solutions.

No matter the situation, ServiceLink provides unlimited opportunity to overcome a mortgage lender’s challenges
and create a competitive edge.

ServiceLink's Full Range of Servicing Solutions

SFLS and CWCOT Facilitation

ServiceLink provides servicing solutions to meet HUD’s Single Family Loan Sale program and HUD’s Claim Without Conveyance of Title program.

Consulting Solutions

ServiceLink is positioned to offer specialized default consulting solutions through optimization packages specific to our technology solutions, processes and service providers.

Default Loan Review

ServiceLink works with investors and servicers to evaluate default loans, identify issues, determine root causes and implement solutions.

MERS Reconciliation and Resolution Services

ServiceLink’s MERS Reconciliation and Resolution Services program provides solutions to monitor and maintain compliance with Mortgage Electronic Registration System, Inc. (MERS) standards.