Home Equity
Valuation Services

ServiceLink’s Home Equity Valuation Solution

ServiceLink has developed the Home Equity Valuation Solution, a full suite of valuation products designed to support the varying needs of lenders, meet emerging USPAP and IAG compliance standards, minimize risk exposure and help home equity lenders improve operational performance.

Each valuation in our Home Equity Valuation Solution Suite includes an inspection to provide additional visibility into the property’s condition. In addition, ServiceLink’s auto-upgrade process ensures the most appropriate home valuation product is used for each loan, based on pre-determined client rule sets, minimizing lender costs and turn-times, while helping lenders to ensure compliance.


ServiceLink’s Home Equity Valuation Solution Advantages:

  • Interior or exterior inspection options available for all products in suite
  • Configurable to client-specific lending rules
  • Seasoned staff appraisers
  • Extensive national panel of licensed and/or certified appraisers, brokers and real estate professionals
  • Meets regulatory requirements for home equity lending
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-understand USPAP-compliant reports
  • Reduces turn-time – report delivered in as little as three to five days
  • Reduces costs through the use of ServiceLink’s staff appraisers

Desktop Valuation with Inspection (DVI)

ServiceLink’s Desktop Valuation with Inspection (DVI) offers lenders a cost-effective home equity appraisal solution that combines a subject property inspection by a local, licensed real estate professional with an experienced appraiser’s opinion of value. The DVI minimizes turn-times and also meets USPAP and Inter-Agency Guideline requirements.

DVI with Interior

The DVI is also available with an interior inspection option for cases where the client underwriter will not accept an exterior-only inspection. A local, licensed real estate professional completes an exterior and interior inspection with photos, which are provided by the field agent to ServiceLink in the form of a Property Condition Report (PCR). A state licensed or certified appraiser performs the appraisal incorporating the data and photos from the PCR.


The DVI can also be combined with Black Knight’s proprietary Advantage Cascade Automated Valuation Model (AVM) to provide lenders with additional valuation and market data.