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ServiceLink’s Correspondent Home Valuation Program

ServiceLink’s correspondent home valuation program enables lenders’ correspondents and wholesale mortgage brokers to deliver nationwide home valuation reports that meet the lender’s quality and independence requirements.

ServiceLink will work on behalf of lenders’ correspondents and wholesale brokers as an independent third party in the delivery of objective residential property valuations. Through our long-standing relationship with many of the top wholesale lenders, we are able to apply their quality underwriting rules and requirements, exclusionary lists and reconsideration/appeal processes that have been established with the lender to your correspondent and wholesale channel.



ServiceLink’s Correspondent Home Valuation Program Advantages:

  • Access to many lender exclusionary lists
  • Familiarity with lender quality underwriting rules and requirements
  • Understanding of lender reconsideration/appeal process
  • Manage to lender service levels
  • Existing connectivity to numerous third-party and lender LOS
  • Efficient correspondent setup with one-day commitment of service
  • Reduces reputational, financial and operating risk for lender