Refinance Loan
Closing Services

ServiceLink’s Full Refinance Closing
and Escrow Process

Through our experienced staff and national network of certified closing professionals, ServiceLink’s refinance loan solutions include full refinance closing and escrow services for both centralized and distributed retail operations nationwide.




  • Title clearance, including securing mortgage/lien payoffs, tax certificates and additional title clearance as required
  • Scheduling of closing appointment with borrower
  • Electronic loan document package receipt
  • Preparation, collaboration and approval of Closing Disclosures, and delivery of all title affidavits and county specific intake sheets with the loan document package
  • Completion of loan document review prior to delivery of loan document package to signing agent or attorney
  • Experienced closing agent or attorney to administer the loan closing, verify signing of loan documents, notarize required documents and confirm return of loan documents to ServiceLink after closing
  • Timely and accurate post-closing audit of loan document package to verify proper execution of documents
  • Posting of executed loan document package to ServiceLink’s website for lender review
  • Receipt of funds into ServiceLink’s escrow account
  • Verification of proper mortgage recordation
  • Disbursement of mortgage/lien payoffs, unsecured payoffs and/or borrower proceeds
  • Overnight courier of all secured disbursements and borrower proceeds checks