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Borrowers look for lenders that can get them to the closing table faster and with more transparency along the way. EXOS® Title can help. Our industry-leading instant title technology provides immediate clear-to-close title commitments and helps you build new efficiencies into your processes. Our people play a pivotal role, too, sharing title expertise and engaging with borrowers to help you create an exceptional customer experience.

The industry’s proven instant title technology

Proprietary technology, reliable data sources and title fulfillment capabilities combine to make EXOS Title the industry’s premier instant title solution. ServiceLink has spent more than 10 years and invested hundreds of millions of dollars perfecting our instant title technology, which uses AI and machine learning to perform title searches and deliver instant title commitments.

ServiceLink’s automation engines access title-grade data from plants, repositories and other sources that enable access to millions of previously examined parcels of land, often eliminating the need for rework and post-closing claims processing. The end result is standard ALTA title commitments and final policies that meet lender and secondary compliance guidelines, and are accepted in all 50 states. EXOS® Close and EXOS® CD (Closing Disclosure) work in conjunction with EXOS® Title to shrink the timeline to close even further. EXOS Close enables borrowers to self-schedule their closings, eliminating the time-consuming back-and-forth previously inherent in the scheduling process. EXOS CD digitizes and automates every step of the closing disclosure process — including revisions — reducing the time and effort required for data preparation, and clearing the way to the closing table.

How a centralized title provider benefits both lenders and borrowers

No matter where in the U.S. a property is located, your team is equipped to support you and your borrower through clear communication and local market expertise. Knowing the nuances of specific states and counties helps us accelerate the title process.

ServiceLink takes lenders’ unique preferences and workflows into account while providing clear-to-close title commitments quickly. EXOS instant title technology integrates easily with your workflows and systems to cut time and effort from your processes. Title work moves through the pipelines more quickly to help you get clear-to-close files to the closing table faster.

Providing hands-on customer service and customization

We pride ourselves on matching the needs of each specific client – and even each specific branch within a lending organization. We document your needs and expectations, customize your account, and create a dedicated client team whose members focus on providing exceptional customer service. Our teams will get to know yours – so we become an extension of your operation. Consistent teams, knowledge of your workflows and the ability to monitor every single file in the process keeps the mortgage on track and quick to close.

Ensuring security, stability and scalability

EXOS Title, developed by ServiceLink, is the industry’s first instant title technology solution. Over several decades, we have processed millions of transactions and have helped lenders navigate changing markets, evolving regulations, volume fluctuations and more.

Through every step in the process, ServiceLink incorporates advanced systems and protocols, data encryption and protection, and rigorous vulnerability and penetration testing. And as our instant title technology speeds processes, it bolsters lender agility. Lenders using EXOS Title find they can scale much more quickly while continuing to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

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How instant title technology improves the borrower experience

In a recent ServiceLink survey, 57% of consumers said they would definitely or likely use a new mortgage provider when they refinance. EXOS Title gives you an edge in earning their trust and business. The borrower experience has the power to set one lender apart from another, and ServiceLink’s immediate clear-to-close title commitments can make that experience extraordinary.

It begins with delivering the instant title decision and then empowering the borrower through EXOS Close to schedule their closing immediately from their mobile device (83% of consumers said they would be at least somewhat likely to self-schedule their closing appointment, given that option). The speed, transparency and ease of the process help create a borrower experience that differentiates and strengthens your brand.

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Additional ServiceLink title products and services

ServiceLink is here to fulfill all of your title needs. We offer:

ALTA products

Based on title plant and repository data, as well as other electronic data sources, ServiceLink can issue an ALTA Commitment for Title Insurance, a preliminary report or an ALTA Junior Loan Policy.

Home equity insured title

ServiceLink can help streamline home equity title and closing with TitleStat!, a product designed to protect lenders from certain losses related to the mortgagor’s not being named grantee on the most recent deed of record, an insufficient legal description, unknown monetary liens, unpaid property taxes, or invalid execution of the mortgage due to fraud or forgery.

Non-insured title

When title insurance is unnecessary, ServiceLink provides uninsured title products and services, including Legal and Vesting (L&V) and property reports to meet your needs.

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