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Benefit from the power of EXOS Inspect, an industry-changing technology that allows your borrowers or approved property contacts to conduct self-service home inspections using smartphones or tablets. By combining leading industry data with geo- and time-stamped user-generated videos, EXOS Inspect will help you streamline a variety of lending and servicing processes, enhance your risk management strategy and improve your customer experience – without any tech investment.

Flexibility based on your needs and strategy

Home equity suite

EXOS Inspect can be combined with other ServiceLink offerings, including AVM, Title, Flood and Desktop Appraisal.

Portfolio management

Used as a supplemental valuation tool to collect data for loss mitigation, loan modification and PMI removal.

Inspection supplement

Lenders and servicers can get an “inside look” at homes in their portfolio.

How It Works

ServiceLink client contacts their Customer Service Agent to activate EXOS Inspect within their client profile.

EXOS Inspect is activated for a specific order.

EXOS sends an email and/or text message to the property contact.

EXOS Inspect guides the property contact through the easy process of capturing the required data and video for their home inspection. The entire process takes 20 minutes or less.

The final product is delivered to the end user through established integrations.

Enhanced risk management, security and fraud prevention

  • Full video offers a detailed “look inside” the subject property
  • In-app room identification helps ensure each room is accurately captured
  • Time-stamping and geo-fencing assist in fraud prevention
  • Unique privacy feature identifies and screens out people, most family photographs and many religious objects
  • End to end encryption for videos/pictures both in transit and at rest

Superior consumer experience

  • Easy-to-use native application for iOS and Android devices
  • Takes just minutes per room
  • Auto-population of data saves time

Streamlined processes

  • Entire inspection completed in minutes
  • Easy implementation: no tech lift required

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