ServiceLink's one marketplace™ brings cost savings and efficiencies to the default process

Experience the future of integrated comprehensive default services with ServiceLink’s One Marketplace™. This fully integrated solution provides a new level of visibility into all aspects of the default process.

ServiceLink’s One Marketplace™ provides superior insight to accurately determine the best execution path for a property while simultaneously providing greater efficiencies and cost savings.


  • Early title grading identifies and mitigates title issues that may cause delays
  • Title curative, monitoring and tracking delivers timely initiation and resolution of title issues

  • Preservation and vacancy information leveraged to determine timelines and disposition strategy
  • Evaluation of conveyance condition determined through a partnership between title and field services

  • Valuation products including tie-outs, establish accurate net present value to provide informed decisioning
  • Utilizing over 10,000 certified appraisers, appraisals are completed in under five days nationwide

  • Nationwide auction and marketing services leverage insights from the One Marketplace ecosystem driving sales performance to maximize returns
  • Integration between title and auction improves efficiencies, reduces closing times and
    holding costs

  • End to end title process enables files to move from Second Chance to Post Sale efficiently
  • Integration with field services reduces conveyance delays

  • Robust data and analytics track, monitor and project potential losses based on disposition strategy

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