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Distributed retail lending is a building block for financial institutions to build strong relationships with their borrowers. It empowers loan officers, branch managers and mortgage bankers to choose their own mortgage service providers for appraisal, as well as title and close. Because of the desire for retail lenders to build direct relationships with borrowers, they prioritize communication and local market expertise. ServiceLink is committed to serving distributed retail branches, which allows for a local feel, with all of the advantages of a centralized provider.

“ServiceLink provides the strength and scalability of an industry leader,” says Anthony Nicassio, sales manager with ServiceLink. “We can offer those benefits with a local touch because of our hands-on approach to serving the loan officer and the consumer.”

We are meeting the needs of the distributed retail space by offering viable solutions for appraisals, as well as title and close. The benefits ServiceLink provides go beyond meeting the need for a local feel and could offer a substantial cost savings for lenders and borrowers alike.


ServiceLink offers lenders a nationwide suite of home valuation solutions with the industry’s largest and most knowledgeable appraiser network. Whether for purchase, refinance or home equity, ServiceLink uses our proprietary technology, EXOS Valuations, to increase efficiencies in every step of the process.

Dedicated Service Team

Once onboarded with ServiceLink, lenders are assigned a dedicated ServiceLink customer service team. This means that the same ServiceLink employees who are familiar with the lender’s workflow will be ensuring the lender and the borrower are both in good hands. And, it means that regardless of where the property in question is located, the lender will work with the same consistent team who is focused on their business.

Real-Time Scheduling

When a lender orders an appraisal, the borrower receives an e-mail and a text to schedule their appraisal appointment. If the borrower isn’t comfortable with scheduling digitally, we have a scheduling team who calls the point of contact to schedule the appraisal. Our goal is to make the appraisal step in lending easy and seamless for the borrower so they can focus on the remaining steps of their mortgage.

Aggressive Milestone Management and Quality Control

ServiceLink’s management and service team is focused on our clients’ business. We consistently monitor service levels across markets to ensure we’re meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations. And, our goal is to deliver underwriter-ready appraisals every time – facilitated by our sophisticated quality control platform, which involves more than 2,000 customizable rules.

A Focus on Compliance

One of the strongest benefits ServiceLink brings to the table is a large compliance team dedicated to valuations, which is supported by additional legal, risk, and audit teams within ServiceLink. We have a very robust compliance team within valuations that serves as a first line of defense. This team tracks all requirements, implements process changes and controls in response to regulatory changes, trains staff, oversees higher-risk processes, and ensures adherence to requirements through monitoring and testing. They’re backed by additional control groups that serve as additional lines of defense, performing audits, identifying risks, and ensuring any gaps are remediated to keep our clients safely in compliance.

Read more about ServiceLink’s commitment to compliance.

Title & Close

ServiceLink has streamlined the title and closing process, thanks to EXOS Title and EXOS Close. This advanced technology brings incomparable speed and convenience to the distributed retail market. Beyond technology, ServiceLink has the relationship-building tools in place to help make the borrower experience turnkey.

Ability to Lend Outside of a Local Footprint

For companies licensed in multiple states, ServiceLink’s broad reach offers the convenience of keeping one consistent team, no matter what state the file is located. Knowing the nuances of specific states and counties helps to expedite the tile and close process.

Customizable Workflow

We pride ourselves on matching the needs of each specific branch, even when branches within a lending organization may operate completely differently. Consistent teams, knowledge of the specific financial institution and the ability to monitor every single file in the process keeps the mortgage on track and quick to close.

Access to Fees 24/7

When potential borrowers are shopping around for rates, loan officers can access ServiceLink's fees no matter what state they are located. Many title providers may take hours to provide rates, while ServiceLink’s rate calculator allows loan officers to instantly generate rates. Because of our model, ServiceLink can provide very competitive industry rates – so lenders and their borrowers can save on costs.

Transparency Throughout the Title and Closing Process

Loan officers and branch managers know that the closing process is an opportunity to provide the borrower with a positive impression to boost consumer loyalty. ServiceLink’s client teams offer a direct escalation path for any urgent issues that arrive, and extended hours of coverage to meet the needs of its distributed retail clients.

Expansive Network

ServiceLink boasts a national network of experienced notaries and has relationships with attorneys in states where required. That means, we have the team in place to get loans to the closing table, even during periods of high volume. Thanks to our mobile notaries, we can conduct a signing at any place, any time.


ServiceLink’s industry-leading title process produces title commitments and clears files to close faster. With ServiceLink’s EXOS Title, we produce a title commitment and clear-to-close certificate within 1 business day on most refinance transactions.

Virtual Closing Options

ServiceLink met the challenge of COVID-19 by deploying virtual closing options for all 50 states. With the industry’s largest RON-certified panel, ServiceLink is ready to meet loan officers’ and their clients at their digital comfort level.

Nicassio says, “Our technology gets everyone to closing faster, plus it allows lenders to build those relationships they seek because the borrow experience is easy and seamless." For more information about centralized mortgage services for your distributed retail branch, fill out the form below.

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