ServiceLink Auction

A results-driven, full service auction platform providing foreclosure and REO auction services

ServiceLink Auction, powered by Hudson & Marshall, one of the nation’s leading online auction companies for over 50 years, provides a full-service auction platform that is fully integrated with ServiceLink products and technologies, and is complemented by ServiceLink’s end-to-end default services suite.
ServiceLink Auction offers various nationwide auction solutions and services
Our commitment to serving all sectors of the default market drove ServiceLink Auction to become the market leader in CWCOT asset liquidation. ServiceLink Auction has worked closely with servicers throughout the United States, as well as HUD, to provide market intelligence and opportunities for process improvement to increase third-party sales and reduce conveyances.
ServiceLink’s Auction CWCOT Program Advantages:
  • Increased Market Exposure & Higher Sales Conversion Rate via MLS Access
  • Access to a National Vetted Buyer Pool
  • Increased Transparency via Bidding Process
  • CWCOT Educational Webinars
  • Dedicated CWCOT Call Center
ServiceLink Auction offers liquidation solutions for servicers managing REOs of all types. Extensive auction disposition experience, along with our expert valuation and sale expertise provide the highest level of execution and service during the REO disposition process.
ServiceLink’s Auction REO Programs Include:
  • Recently Foreclosed
  • Aged/Title Impaired
  • Occupied or Vacant
  • Government/Municipality Owned
  • Multi-Channel (marketed concurrently on MLS and Auction)

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